Character Illustrator and Designer
I take commissions and stream on Twitch!
Based in the U.K




Fully Rendered
Full Body - £150
1/2 Body - £100
Headshot - £60
Full Body - £110
1/2 Body - £70
Headshot - £40
Full Body - £70
1/2 Body - £50
Headshot - £30
Complicated Props +10%
Extra Character +50%
Animation (Simple) +30%
Animation (Complex) +60%
Background (Simple) +30%
Background (Complex) +60%

Icons and Emotes

£7 per emote/badge/sub icon
£15 for three!

Vtubing & PNGtubing Models TBA!
Character Ref Sheets also incoming!

I Will Draw:
> OC's
> D&D Characters
> FFXIV Characters
> Anthro
> Prosthetics
> Animals
> Groups/Couples
I Will Not Draw
> Mecha
> Discriminatory subjects

Things you should know:
🌺 I take 50% payment upfront, confirm the sketch with you as a client, and then take the other half of the payment!
🌿 Commissions should take no longer than 2 months, however I will communicate with you if that is going to take longer.
🌺 Payment is taken via Paypal Invoice, meaning I will need an email to bill to. This gives both of us proof of purchase and a receipt.
🌿 I have the right to refuse service to clients I do not wish to work with.

Contact me here
Twitter @AtelierAmelia_
Instagram @AtelierAmelia_
Email me @ [email protected]
Discord: Atelier_Amelia#1479

Commercial Work

Uncaged GoddessesI illustrated for the wonderfully whimsical adventure "Sympathy For The Goddess" by Lee Morgan.
Goddesses is a whole lot of Tier 4 adventure goodness for the D&D 5e System.
I also provided Spot Art that depicted the Legendary Black Diamond, one of the aims for the adventuring party.

Friends, Foes and Other Fine FolksAbsolutely chock full of colourful, diverse and fascinating NPCs to drop right into your campaigns!
I Illustrated Aleya Vensys and Jasper Brightmoon-Cillar.

Eat The Rich! - Volume 1
Volume 2Volume 3
17 Anti-capitalist Adventures for the rebellious players out there.I Illustrated for two adventures, and for the front cover of the Anarchy Chapter.

Product Design and EditingI worked as a Social Media Manager for two brands, Just Nails Direct and Apex Professional, two names under a parent company that provided nail care products to salons and home users.I created assets and managed social media pages for these two brands.I used a mix of 3D programs, including Blender, Dimensions and Substance Painter to create and render High Quality Product images to use on our sites and copies. I also used Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects to create and edit both stills and videos for this company.

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